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Kharg island NGL Recovery


For the export of Kharg NGL recovery plant liquid products, the design & construction of jetty alongside export facilities has been assigned to Omran Falat as an EPC contract.

The jetty has been designed for vessels up to 70'000m3.

In addition the seawater intake and outfall structures supply 50'000m3/h of seawater for Kharg NGL recovery plant cooling system.

The Design and construction of seawater intake and outfall as well as the engineering and installation of related topside facilities and equipments has also been started by Omran Falat as an EPC contract.


This project includes below subprojects:

Jetty:Access Bridge + Platform + Dolphins.
Intake:50'000 m3/h: Basin + 2 x 2.2 m dia. subsea pipe lines.
Outfall:50'000 m3/h: Cascade + Degassing pond + subsea pipe line.


- Location: Kharg Island (N=2915'20", E=5017'34")

- Client: Iranian Offshore Oil Co. (IOOC) / IRITEC

- Consulting engineers: DMC , Alkyon


Jetty :

- Jetty designed for vessels up to 70'000m3, equivalent to 45'000 tons

- Overall length: 589m

- Main body length: 565m

- Platform width: 42m

- Access bridge width: 12m

- Pier water depth from MSL (Mean Sea Level): -16.3m

- Top of the deck from MSL : +10.00m

- Number of berthing dolphins: 4

- Number of mooring dolphins: 6

- Distance of external dolphins: 307m

- Steel piles: 6'200m of 1'100mm dia.

and 468m of 2'000mm dia.

and 648m of 2'200mm dia.

- Onshore pipeline: 11'650m of 100 mm dia. to 460 mm dia.


Intake :

- Capacity: 50'000m3/h

- Earthworks: 110'000m3

- Dredging: 34'000m3

- Subsea pipeline: 1'005m of 2'200 mm dia

- Steelworks: 2'100 tons

- Concrete: 8'500m3

- Onshore pipeline: 1'850m of 2'200 mm dia


Outfall :

- Capacity: 50'000m3/h

- Earthworks: 60'000m3

- Dredging: 22'000m3

- Subsea pipeline: 305m of 2'200 mm dia

- Steelworks: 600 tons

- Concrete: 7'650m3

- Onshore pipeline: 150m of 2'200 mm dia



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