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6 Lane Bridge

This project is part of the comprehensive development of the Bandar Imam Khomeini Port which includes the bridge across the Imam Port Highway and the railway line as well as the reconstruction of the highway passing under the bridge.

The bridge has a 90m span in the center and a further 15 spans of 24m each, at the sides. The girders of the main span are of the box type with a height of 2m in the middle and 3.8m on either side. The 2-way bridge is 450m long and has 3 lanes in each of its 16m wide ways.

- Location: Bandar Imam Khomeini (N=3027'11", E=4604'37")

- Client: Ports and Shipping Organization (PSO)

- Consulting engineers: Tazand

- Overall length: 2 x 450m

- Main span: 90m

- Bridge width: 2 x 16m

- No. of girders: 132

- No. of columns: 140

- Formworks: 50'000m2

- Steelworks: 5'310tons

- Concrete: 21'000m3

- Concrete bored piles:

23'800m of 500mm dia.

and 2'520m of 1200mm dia.



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